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Required Reporting

At Robert Morris University, Required Reporters are essential for helping the campus maintain a safe environment by striving to eliminate, prevent, and address gender-based discrimination and sexual misconduct. 

Required Reporters

Any University employee who...
  • Has the authority to redress sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination
  • Has the duty to report incidents of sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination; or
  • Could be reasonably perceived by a student to have this authority or duty

Confidential Resources 
  • Counseling Center & mental health staff
  • Health Center staff
  • Campus Ministry/Pastoral Counselors/Clergy
  • Athletic Trainers (quasi-confidential: not required to report personally identifiable information

Required Reporter Obligations:
  1. Respond to the individual: Ensure that they are safe. Listen and avoid judgment
  2. Refer the individual to resources: Remind them of their reporting options and resources (both on & off campus)
  3. Report the incident: Contact the Title IX office to report the incident to the Title IX Coordinator

What if the individual asks a Required Reporter not to tell anyone?

Required Reporters must report incidents of sexual misconduct and gender discrimination to the Title IX Coordinator in order to ensure that the University can respond appropriately. Required Reporters can promise privacy, but not confidentiality. They can assist individuals in understanding what happens after they report to the Title IX Coordinator and reassure them that they have control.

What happens after a Required Reporter makes a report to the Title IX Coordinator?
  1. The Title IX Coordinator will contact the alleged victim to offer the opportunity to discuss the incident and to ask how the University can help
  2. Information will be provided to the alleged victim about the various resources available, including a University investigation
  3. The alleged victim will be informed that he or she is not required to participate in any process that he or she does not feel comfortable completing
  4. The University will address any immediate needs of the individual and the campus community

A Response Checklist is available here to assist Required Reporters in the immediate handling of a student or colleague disclosure. 

If you are unsure whether or not you are considered a Required Reporter, please contact the Title IX Office.